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What do you pay?

Our fees for flexible legal help

At The Legal Store you pay for contact time, and that is all (because that is all we do). You stay in control of your case, so we don’t have any expensive and time consuming administration to do – and that is what allows us to keep our prices low. We just give you the best advice and support when you need it, and let you manage the rest.

We charge just £7.50+VAT for every five minutes on contact time* (or part thereof). So a fifteen minute meeting with one of our experience lawyers would cost you just £22.50+VAT – and it’s surprising what can be achieved in a short meeting!

You pay after each meeting by cash, or credit/debit card, so there are no monthly bills to worry about, and you don’t need to worry about budgeting or planning ahead. With The Legal Store you stay in complete control of your case and your costs.

*Contact time is in person at meetings only. We do not conduct meetings or give advice via telephone, web or email.

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