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The Legal Store has been created specifically to meet demand and requests from clients. We recognise that the current system is in some ways outdated, and doesn’t always provide clients with the flexibility and affordability required in today’s climate.

Created to meet your needs

Based in Derbyshire and serving clients from Ripley, Derby, Nottingham and further afield, The Legal Store provides cost-effective legal services from experienced lawyers in the field of family law. We offer a helping hand to clients who are going through a separation or divorce and are looking for the quickest and most cost effective outcome – without spending a large proportion of their financial assets on solicitors’ fees.

Our affordable legal advice covers all aspects of family law, including:

  • Divorce
  • Children’s matters
  • Finance
  • Property

Compromising on price not on quality…

Just because you’re paying less, it doesn’t mean you’re receiving a second class service. When you visit The Legal Store you will still receive the very best help from qualified lawyers with many years’ experience in family law. The difference is, because you’re retaining control of your case we don’t have to deal with the costly and time consuming administration that accompanies a legal case – so we are able to offer you top quality professional advice and support, at budget prices.

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