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About our team

An experienced legal team supporting local clients

The Legal Store’s lawyers, all specialising in family law, have been involved in many family law cases and bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to your case.  Of course, we all have all the necessary and relevant qualifications, and we never delegate down – so you can be assured that you will be always be seen by a fully qualified lawyer.  Just because you’re paying less we won’t fob you off with a junior clerk or tea maker! 

To retain consistency throughout your case, whenever you come to The Legal Store you will be seen by the same lawyer.  This means that you won’t have to waste precious time explaining background information, and we can get straight on with doing what you are paying us to do.

The Legal Store’s lawyers have mediatory experience, and this is the approach we take.  We encourage all clients to settle amicably and out of court, as this helps to keep both costs and stress levels as low as possible.  Divorces or relationship breakdowns are by their very nature turbulent and emotional, but it is better for all concerned if they don’t turn into battles.

If, however, your case does end up going to court – as some inevitably do – our lawyers are able to offer robust representation through EG Legal.  Contact us for more information.

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