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Innovative legal support

At The Legal Store we realise that lawyers are expensive professionals, so that is why we have come up with this innovative new approach. Using The Legal Store you are able to use our services sparingly, to do the things you can’t or don’t want to do.

In all family law cases, some aspects are more difficult than others, and we understand that you don’t always want to be paying an expensive lawyer to do the administration, or the routine tasks that you could manage yourself.

The Legal Store allows you to use us for the ‘tricky’ bits, such as:

  • drafting agreements, such as financial settlements, or children’s residence and contact agreements
  • explaining, filling in, or checking complex forms
  • accessing and printing off the latest version of court documents
  • preparing court documents
  • explaining procedures
  • offering legal advice on any areas you are unclear about

We understand that there is more to a divorce or separation than the legal side of things; and the experience can be emotionally very difficult for both partners, and any children who are involved. The welfare of our clients is important to us, and we can recommend counsellors who provide emotional support throughout the difficult process.

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