Ending Your Marriage or Civil Partnership

We will work with you, helping you to make an informed decision as to whether a Divorce or Dissolution is appropriate, and if so, when would it be in your interest to start the process.

Although legally ending your marriage or civil partnership is quite a straight forward process we are well aware that this is a huge and life changing step for our clients.

Therefore, we do not railroad our clients into the process, but consider carefully with them the implications of taking this step. We appreciate clients may also need other professional help to support them in moving forward, and we can signpost them to services such as personal counselling and life coach work and for clients who have suffered in abusive relationships, appropriate help and support.

Unfortunately the current "fault basis" divorce laws are out of step with the modern approach to issues arising on the ending of a relationship. Now clients are encouraged to leave fault and blame out of their negotiations to concentrate instead on what is really important when moving forward. We seek to help our clients to make good quality arrangements for the children and to reach a fair negotiated financial settlement. In all our work we follow the Resolution Code of Practice, and the Law Society's Family Protocol.


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