Family Law Services


We understand that although divorce is a straightforward legal process it can be fraught with emotion for our clients, and so we offer both the obvious legal support but also emotional support to help you through what can be a difficult emotional journey.

Money and Property

Through our knowledge and experience we can guide you through the process of dividing finances and assets, drawing up the appropriate agreements and arranging for them to be ‘rubber stamped’ in court (without either party having to attend).

Children’s Matters

Divorces or separations are made all the more difficult when children are involved, and both parties need to accept their parenting responsibilities and minimise the impact on their children. At EG Legal we can help you to draw up parenting agreements addressing such issues as children’s residence and contact with parents, which suit all parties and focus on the welfare of your children. Our many years of experience enable us to provide help and advice on how to amicably agree on the best solution.

Additional Services

At EG Legal we try to assist our clients in any way possible, to help them through the process. Divorce or separation can be very traumatic, and if you would benefit from emotional support or counselling then we can recommend excellent professionals help you through.

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