No Longer Living Together

For clients separating after living together without formalising their relationship it is important for them to appreciate that the legal position is very different from that of couples who do.

Many commonly held beliefs about legal rights for co-habiting couples are plainly wrong, and it is therefore very important for clients to obtain timely sound legal advice about their rights and options for financial claims, for themselves and their children, as well as making good parenting arrangements for any children of their relationship.

Particularly in unmarried relationships clients who take action before taking legal advice can find themselves disadvantaged. It makes more sense to get help at the earliest possible stage to avoid the all too common comment from clients "I only wish I'd known sooner...".

Of course the best way of protecting yourself and your family legally is to ensure that before co-habiting you enter a formal Co-habitation Agreement (A Living Together Agreement). We can prepare an Agreement for you.

We will look at all the issues that may impact on you and advise how to address these in the most appropriate, sensitive and cost effective way.

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